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My Book Collection

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Vol. 1. ---- Can There Be Three Persons in One God? - Why You Should Question the Trinity Doctrine.  This deals with the main subject of Christianity, namely: who is God? Did Jesus literally pre-exist? Is the holy spirit a third person in an essence that makes up the God-head of a trinity? The biblical answers are shown to be that God is ONE person and that Jesus only pre-existed in God’s mind, but not literally so (350 pages). 

Vol. 2. ---- How God Works in Human Affairs. This book answers such questions as: Is God really a total controller of all we think, say, and do? It also deals with the subjects of: God’s foreknowledge, Christian salvation, universal salvation, and the ‘once saved always saved’ teaching (215 pages).

Vol. 3. ---- Delusions and Truths Concerning the Future Life. This book answers the questions: Do people really go to heaven or hell after death? Does the Bible really teach that humans have an immortal soul? The book shows that the real future for faithful Christians is the Kingdom of God on a renewed earth (135 pages).

Vol. 4. ---- Don’t Misjudge Who Your Real Enemies Are! – The Reality of Demonic Forces. This discussion on the reality of a supernatural personal Satan and real demons shows that the so-called Age of Enlightenment led Christian thinkers away from the truths concerning our most powerful enemies (122 pages).

Vol. 5. ---- Tongues Will Cease…But When?  This book examines the modern-day phenomenon of ‘speaking in tongues’ and compares it with the biblical record. The book also gives the biblical answer to the question on the timing for the ending of the miraculous phenomenon (158 pages).

Vol. 6. ---- When Marriage Goes Wrong…Biblical Answers on Divorce and Remarriage. Many Christians consider that they already know the answers on this subject. However, in reading one Gospel one would conclude that Jesus allowed for no divorce. In reading another Gospel one’s conclusion would contradict that because Jesus allowed for divorce if one of the partners committed sexual immorality. In reading Paul’s words on the subject there would appear to be a further inconsistency. The answer to all this confusion is to examine the entire biblical record and context, the meaning of terms used, and the known background of the times. This book helps one to get a clearer picture of God’s view of this subject (214 pages).

NOTE. Volumes 7 and 8 are currently being updated.

Vol. 9. ---- Be in Awe of Our Creator! – Exploring the Early Chapters of Genesis. This book provides all the major avenues of evidence for the existence of a personal Creator starting with arguments from logic for His existence, His revelation of Himself, as well as proof because of the miracle of Christ’s resurrection. Further evidence is given from the world of nature through science regarding our fine-tuned Universe, our Solar System, and the many unique factors about Planet Earth. Lastly, the world of biology/chemistry shows the incredible complexity in proteins, DNA, and cells as well as many amazing factors about animals and humans – all leading us to be in awe of our Creator! This book also shows why the neo-Darwinian hypothesis for evolution does not work and is now on the road to being discarded by a growing number of scientists. Finally, there is exploration into the “Days of Creation” and the extent of the great Flood of Noah’s day (271 pages).

Vol. 10. ---- The Veil Removed by Turning to Christ - Mosaic Law OR New Covenant? This book shows how Christians should view the Mosaic law based on all that Jesus and Paul said about it. It also shows why all Christians must be in the New Covenant and what the benefits are for those in this covenant. (161 pages).

Vol. 11. ---- Living the Christian Life According to Jesus. This book shows what Jesus and his emissaries stated is required for a person to become a Christian, including baptism as full immersion in water and the keeping of the Lord’s Supper. It also shows the many ways that love is to permeate the Christian community as well as answering concerns over whether or not women can teach in the church. For caring for the interests of the Christian community it is important to know what the role of elders and deacons is and how they are to be qualified to do this care-giving work for all members of each congregation. Two major issues which the book deals with concern that of homosexuality and that of how far Christian may go in terms of defence of self, family, and community (251 pages).

Vol. 12. ---- Christ Died for Us While We Were Still Sinners – How God, Through Christ, Dealt with Sin. This book analyses the many models proposed over the centuries to explain why Jesus had to die i.e., the Atonement. The book describes the multifaceted approach that is necessary for clarity as has been put forward by N.T. Wright and other skilled theologians.

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