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Inclusion of these links and connections does not imply agreement with every point. But I do recommend you check them out :)

Simply Christian Community

A Place Where Those of Faith Can Gather.

There are forums and places on this website where you can have your say on topics or learn about other different views that differ from your own, or ones that do agree! You are not required to adhere to any particular doctrine and you simply can be yourself.


Lori Jane

Her You Tube Videos that include interviews with other Ex JW's and her own waking up experiences.

Lori Jane woke up while attending Pioneer School for Jehovah's Witnesses. She now advocates for those who come out of high control groups in her weekly

Zoom support group called Exodus.

Her You Tube Channel
https://youtu.be/KPcQuipzYmc?t=619 Lori and Amanda

Monotarian Bible Study

Conducted by all of the group but lead by myself in a very casual way.

Study of the Bible and everyone gets a voice.

Hope to see you there. Details to login >>>>

KOG Missions

Tracy Z's website and Kingdom Of God Mission

She has a wealth of videos that are interesting and very well showcased
on this really organized website. No, we can't prenounse her last name, and yes, she's OK with that.


                A Podcast on all things related to the Trinity

Dale Tuggy is out to examine a varied point of all possible views of the Trinity.
He has on many interesting guests and learnered professionals.
If you want to make your brain hurt, then this is a good listen.


Nelson Walters

This is a good read on the prophetic attributes of the last book of the bible.


Alan Kurschner

Seven problems for the Rapture occuring before The Great Tribulation. Scriptural evidence that the Saints are caught up to meet Jesus when he comes.

https://youtu.be/xwXoMNpOhos?t=5 Alan Kushner

Anthony Buzzard

Good place for good information. The focus is on The Kingdom that is coming.


Unitarian Christian Alliance

Unitarian Christians don't all have exactly the same doctrinal beliefs. But they endeavor to come together peacefully to discuss the bible on this website and in these podcasts.


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