My Life in Christianity

From a family with many connections to the Watchtower Society I eventually became a baptized Jehovah’s Witness at the age of 17. During this period of my life I served, on occasion, as a full-time minister and in moving to where the need was greater for almost 5 years. During that time and onward, I served as a ministerial servant and as an elder in leading local groups in the field ministry, in giving many public Bible talks and other teaching assignments. In all of this time I was rather studious concerning the Bible which eventually caused some degree of cognitive dissonance for me – yes, I noted that some of the teachings of the Watchtower Organization either did not match Bible teachings or were clear contradictions of the Bible. Additional to that very significant problem I noted a high degree of hypocrisy, especially among the more aggressive and dominating elders – Yes! I know that no-one is perfect, but this characteristic often involved harsh mistreatment of other brothers and sisters and with notable injustices from these rules-following elders. In fact, I began to realize that this characteristic of harshness was simply a reflection of their boss, namely the Watchtower Organization. All of this came to a head in the year 2000 after 36 years when I realized I could no longer support this organization. So, after quitting their meetings and cutting my ties to the Watchtower business and after a small break and a time of prayer I went onto the internet intensively seeking what the Bible really teaches and those true brothers who promote biblical truth while living the Christian life. Then after ransacking the internet to search for these things I stumbled on the Restoration Fellowship in the USA. But before I speak about that fellowship, I must say that I did learn some things of biblical truth from other small groups and denominations, although having to discount numerous teachings of many other denominations.

So, since the year 2000 I have been on a massive learning curve starting with the Restoration Fellowship which I consider does provide a very large amount of biblical truth, but this does not mean that I agree with absolutely all of its biblical understanding and teachings. This is because although that fellowship is excellent in its approach to Bible study, I also regularly read the works of the many highly professional Bible scholars, linguists, and theologians and so I view a few things differently than the Restoration Fellowship

In terms of fellowship, I have met many Christians who have come out of other failed denominations or denominations that they could no longer support for various reasons; and indeed, in recent times I have gained fellowship with some really wonderful exJWs, many of whom have only recently felt the need to leave the Watchtower Organization. It certainly seems that vast numbers are waking up to the many false teachings of that Organization and are now seeking for the real biblical truth. However, although I now have wonderful in-person Christian fellowship, I am so grateful to the Zoom and Skyping internet systems giving me really loving fellowship from all over the world. This is the case from Canada, the USA, the UK, South Africa, Asia, Europe, and all the way to Australia and New Zealand.

For myself, it took just over one year after having left the JW organization to tell myself that it really is a cult and with at least 50% of its teaching as false and damaging to the members, especially its terrible treatment (actually hate crime) of those who disagree with its policies and teachings. However, for all those who are still in the Watchtower’s grip I have only real Christian love. I also feel no loss because of my 36 years involved in it which at least focused my mind on God’s word.

During these last 20 years of serious research into Bible teachings I felt that I should get all of this information down onto paper and so I wrote many articles which I put on my previous website entitled ‘ For certain reasons this website did not continue after 2016 and so I began to use these articles as the basis to produce the 15 books that are under my name and that are available from Amazon. I am also happy to promote most of the books and YouTube presentations available on the Restoration Fellowship website and I am very delighted to recommend the website which for the main Zoom meeting the host appropriately calls “a soft place to land” for those who have recently woken up from false teachings and unchristian policies. Nevertheless, there are other connections on the website to other meetings of deeper Bible study.

So, for all who seek Bible truth I hope that my new website will be helpful and of benefit to you.

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